In training newer employees to prepare for my upcoming departure from work, it seems that much of my advice is based on “what not to do” in certain circumstances derived from the issues that have happened in the past.

Overall, when observing the paths I have taken in my personal life and where I stand today, it seems that this is the only real wisdom I have to share: a long list of what not to do’s. I’m hoping one day in review of my life, there will be more success than failure, more ups than down, more thriving than survival.

As for now, I am starting my life “again” after a few unpleasant decisions and circumstances. Although stressful, I have the blessed opportunity to apply acquired wisdom from my mistakes and work to the other side of pain. Change is often painful, growth often hurts, and that suffering allows for healing and a better perspective. While on this journey, I might fall, as I often do, but I refuse to remain where I am and stop trying to be a better version of me.

Let me know if I can pray for you and I hope you will include me in your prayers, as well. ((Hugs.))


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